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McMurray Relocation Services is an experienced moving agent in Fort McMurray, AB, that can help you make the most of the North American Van Lines global transportation network. We help many clients move locally and throughout Alberta and can assist you whether you’re relocating to a new office space along Confederation Way or to a new home in Burton Estates or near Brett Storm Pond. Our team facilitates long-distance relocations as well, and we can coordinate your move whether you’re moving to or from another province in Canada, across the border from or into the United States, or internationally to any destination in the world. As our customer, you can expect competitive rates and a personalized approach to all that we do.

Whether you’re moving east or west of the Athabasca River or somewhere afar, tailoring the moving services we coordinate to you is an important aspect of how we save you money and make the most of your available time. If you require moving supplies, we'll make sure you have everything you need, or we can set you up with a packing service to disassemble, package, and organize your possessions for you. If there’s a gap between moving out and moving in or you just want to control how fast you move your possessions in, we offer a broad range of short- and long-term storage options. If you would like to discuss your relocation options and receive a free moving quote without obligation, don’t hesitate to call our Fort McMurray agent today.

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