North American Van Lines Long-Distance Moving Services

As one of Canada’s premier long-distance moving companies, North American offers comprehensive relocation services to simplify every stage of the moving process. We begin with a free estimate of your total price. Then, one of our personal moving coordinators works with you to develop a day-by-day plan, charting the entire course of your move. No matter what level of service you choose—full-service packing, fragile-only packing, or self-packing—you’ll benefit from over 90 years of experience in packing and moving families across Canada and around the world.

We’re here to help with whatever you need, no matter how minor it might seem. If you choose to self-pack, we can provide the necessary moving supplies—boxes, barrels, stretch wrap, and specialty containers. Other moving services we offer include:

  • Disassembly and/or reassembly of appliances and furniture
  • Unpacking and placement in the new home
  • Debris removal
  • Storage
  • Installation and assembly assistance
  • And much more

Why Choose North American Van Lines for Your Long-Distance Move?

Since 1933, we’ve helped thousands of families achieve seamless long-distance moves across Canada, the U.S., and overseas. We have offices in every province and a team of professional long-distance movers ready to help you move with confidence. 

Here's what makes us one of the best long-distance moving companies in Canada:

In-Home Estimates 

We’ll evaluate all your needs and requests to provide an accurate quote for your move. A North American moving consultant will come to your current home, ask you a few questions, and provide a free estimate based on the items you have and the services you need. 

Quotes Are Calculated by Weight

We provide pricing based on weight, not the number or volume of items. This allows us to provide the most accurate, reliable quote for your move. 

Tailored Long-Distance Moving Services 

No two relocations are the same. One of the best reasons to choose North American Van Lines over other long-distance moving companies is that we work with you to develop a customized moving plan. You can choose as many or as few of our services as you desire, ensuring you don’t pay for help you don’t need.

No Hidden Fees

The price you agree to is the price you get. At the end of your long-distance move, you may owe less than we estimated, but never more. That's our promise to you.

Expert Packing and Loading Services for Long-Distance Moves 

Packing and unloading your belongings is harder than it might seem. You’ll need to be strategic with how you pack your items while using care to avoid breakages while loading and unloading. Whether you're moving cross country or a new province, we're here to help make sure everything gets there safely. We even have fragile-only services for your valuable items and larger objects like pool tables and pianos. 

On moving day, our team will arrive on time, ready to get to work. We'll help you disassemble, protect, and pack your goods, using tested strategies to keep the big day organized and worry-free.

Storage Solutions

We've been providing families, individuals, and businesses with climate-controlled storage solutions for over 90 years. Whether you're downsizing to a condo or need help decluttering while settling into your new home—a reliable storage solution is an invaluable resource you can rely on throughout your relocation. 

We provide flexible, short-term, and long-term solutions that can be customized to meet your needs. Whether you need a place to store your personal items for a few days or months, we're here to help.

Our storage solutions are safe, secure, and climate-controlled, so you can make long-distance moving a more manageable process while knowing your belongings are in safe hands. 

Tracking and Communication

Once your items are packed and en route to their new destination, you'll always know their whereabouts. Our company tracking system is designed to give you peace of mind while our long-distance movers transport your belongings to your new home. You can keep tabs on your items, monitoring your shipment while you focus on the other aspects of your relocation. 

With our shipment tracking, you can check the status of your items anytime—24/7. Throughout the process, our responsive customer support team is here to answer any questions or concerns. 

Additional Services to Simplify Your Long-Distance Move 

North American Van Lines is more than just another long-distance moving company: We're a partner, here to help you navigate the challenges of long-distance relocation and lend a helping hand when you need one. Whether you're looking for a storage unit to hold some additional items or need moving supplies for a DIY move, we're here to help. 

Connect with one of our experienced consultants if you have questions about our services or want to add anything to your free estimate. 

What is a Long-Distance Move?

A long-distance move is when individuals, families, or businesses relocate to a new province or territory within Canada. A long-distance move is different from local or intrastate moves. Local moves are typically within the same city, while intrastate moves remain in the same province. 

At North American, we are the experts in all three types of relocations. We'll help you create a custom plan that meets the unique needs of your move. 

Long-Distance Moving Types

Every long-distance move is different. Whether you're waving goodbye to Canada to make the United States your new home or moving from the West to the East Coast. All moves require a different plan and execution. 

With our long-distance movers on your side, you can gain the peace of mind you need to tackle the challenges head-on. Whether you're a business moving into a new office or you need additional assistance with the complexities of moving across the border, we're ready to assist you.

Free Long-Distance Moving Guides and Checklists 

We're more than just another long-distance moving company—we're a partner here to help you every step of the way. We have free Moving ChecklistsMoving Guides, and Packing Tips that are readily available online.

You can use these free resources to help you prepare for your long-distance move and help you gain the peace of mind you need to take on your relocation with ease. 

Long-Distance Moving Services for Corporations

A long-distance corporate relocation can be challenging. With a reliable long-distance moving company on your side—you can gain the peace of mind you need throughout the process. Our long-distance movers are professionally trained to help your business move to different territories or provinces. Whether you need help setting up multiple retail stores or need additional assistance helping your employees relocate—we're the experts you need on your side. 

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial long-distance move services. 

Personal Moving Consultants

Taking on a long-distance move on your own can be daunting. 

Once you choose North American as your long-distance moving company, we'll assign you a personal consultant to assist you with the moving process. Our team will provide expert advice and help you stay within your budget—giving you the peace of mind you need from start to finish. They'll also be there to answer any questions or concerns to help make the process as stress-free as possible. 

Request a Free Quote for Your Long-Distance Move 

No matter where life takes you, North American’s long-distance movers will help you get there. We've spent decades perfecting our approach to long-distance moving, and we're excited to share our expertise with you. 

Contact us today for your free estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions about Long-Distance Moving

How much will my move cost?

The cost of your long-distance move will depend on a few factors. The size of your move, the distance you’re traveling, and any additional services you may require can all affect the total cost. To get an accurate quote, complete our Quote on Demand tool above.

What services are available for a long-distance move?

North American Van Lines offers a variety of services that can be included in a long-distance move, including packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, storage solutions, and transportation of your belongings.

What is the best time of year to move long-distance?

The best time of year to move long-distance depends on several factors, such as the weather, availability of moving services, and your budget. Generally speaking, spring and fall are the most popular times for long-distance moves due to milder temperatures and fewer crowds.

How many movers will I need?

The number of movers you need will depend on the size and weight of your belongings. Generally speaking, a two-bedroom home will require at least three movers, while a four-bedroom home may demand five or more. If you have large items, such as pianos or pool tables, you may need additional help.

Why should I choose North American Van Lines for my long-distance move?

North American Van Lines is one of the most trusted and reliable long-distance moving companies in Canada. Since 1933, we’ve built a reputation for providing excellent customer service and quality moving services.