Protecting Your Belongings

It is vital that your possessions arrive safely during a move. We train our staff to make sure that all of your belongings are packed correctly, transported safely and unloaded professionally for your relocation.

An item may be damaged during a move sometimes. Because of that, we offer valuation protection, a program which resolves the situation quickly, keeping you happy throughout our time together.

Free Basic Liability Protection
Basic Liability Protection is free. It provides repair or replacement up to a maximum of $.60 per pound per article in case of damage or loss.

But what if the level of protection you need is greater than our basic liability coverage?

Replacement Cost Protection (RCP)... Your Optimum Coverage
Replacement Cost Protection gives you peace of mind throughout your move. RCP provides full replacement protection on any item which is damaged or lost during your move. We will pay to replace or repair the item, whichever is less, with as good as, or like kind and quality, without deduction for depreciation.

RCP Replacement Values
Let's say you bought an antique armoire for $1,600 and it weighs 150 pounds. Under RCP, if the armoire is damaged beyond repair, you would receive full replacement value. With basic liability protection, you would only receive $.60 per pound.

  • RCP Compensation: $1,600
  • Basic Liability Protection Compensation: $90
RCP offers the best protection for your important items. Speak with your Relocation Consultant to figure out what's right for you.

Getting RCP Coverage Is Simple
In order to protect the value of your belongings, choose the appropriate level of RCP. We suggest consulting your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy for recommended coverage levels, or ask your Relocation Specialist to help you figure out the proper amount. At a minimum, we require that you declare $10.00 per pound times the total weight of your shipment. And be sure to make your request for RCP in writing in the valuation statement on your Bill of Lading.