Employee Relocation Services


Here at North American Van Lines, we specialize in employee relocation services. With our services, you will not only be benefitting your company, but your employees' well-being as well. We work hard to ensure that every corporate relocation we coordinate is successful, and we measure that success through customer satisfaction. With 80 years of experience, North American Van Lines is the superior company with the global resources for moving and relocating your employees anywhere in the world.

Our comprehensive employee relocation services are unparalleled. We understand how complicated corporate relocation can be, both for your business and your employees. We are responsible for strategies which cater to your operational and productivity needs, yet also consider the employee's personal needs as well. Our corporate relocation process is efficient and streamlined, eliminating the stressful and taxing nature of moving and relocating your employees.

Employee Relocation Specialists

Regardless of where your employees are relocating, North American Van Lines will get them there. We possess specialists all throughout the glove who are waiting to assist the moving and relocating of your employees. From full-service packing to customs clearance, our corporate relocation specialists can manage all aspects involved with relocating your employees. There's nothing we can't handle, and there's no place in the world your employees cannot go.

Employee Relocation Services

We understand that every employee relocation is unique. Every circumstance is different, and specific moving needs are constantly changing. We customize our employee relocation services to fit all of your needs; we do not try to mold your needs to our services. No matter the needs you have, we can figure out an affordable plan for transporting your employees which works for you. To us, you are more than a customer, you are an integral associate who collabourates with us throughout the relocation process.

Employee Relocation - Worldwide Resources

Our worldwide resources for moving and relocating your employees are unparalleled in the industry. We possess the ability to provide you with all-encompassing moving services, outstanding customer service and a customized move plan - even if your employees are located on the other side of the world. We will work hard to make sure you receive an efficient, customized relocation, which eliminates any stress or strain

Employee Relocation - Minimal Disruption

At North American Van Lines, we understand what it takes to run a business; we've been doing it for 75 years. Because of that, we have designed our employee relocation services to be both all-inclusive as well as effective. When moving your business and employees, you want to avoid instances of downtime. Our streamlined employee relocation plan will not disrupt the productivity or functionality of your business, making sure that your business remains efficient. We take the hassle of moving and relocating your employees and make it the responsibility of our highly-trained and qualified professionals so your business does not suffer.

Employee Relocation Company of Choice

We are pros when it comes to moving and relocating employees all over the world with our global system of resources. We deliver peace of mind to you and your employees throughout the relocation. Our vast array of employee relocation services can easily meet your ever-changing business needs. For moving and relocating employees, North American Van Lines is the superior choice.