Corporate Relocation : Online Imaging


At North American Van Lines, we are a company who is progressive and technically advanced. We are always working to further enhance our corporate relocation services which we offer our customers. By improving the way we do business, we can provide more effective and productive relationships with our customers.

An Efficient-Minded Corporate Relocation Company

The imaging process at North American Van Lines uses digital technology to create a virtually paperless billing and invoicing process. With our digital imaging, we have improved both efficiency and quality.

The online imaging process offers many benefits to our corporate customers.

  • Offers quick access to documents online
  • Eliminates paper documents
  • Offers more billing options
  • Delivers accurate and timely invoices
  • Reduces processing time

North American Van Lines: A Green Corporate Relocation Company

As the world focuses on becoming more and more environmentally conscious, at North American Van Lines we are working hard to do our part in this important process. By using digital technology for imaging, we are virtually eliminating the need for paper documents. Paperless billing and invoicing reduces the need to cut down trees and then decreases negative impacts on our environment. By using online imaging, North American Van Lines is taking a positive step towards being eco-friendly.

A Corporate Relocation Company That Helps You

By eliminating paper billing and invoicing, we are also improving your company's efficiency. We understand how much paperwork your company deals with, and online imaging will greatly reduce your paper clutter by preventing paper bills and invoices from piling up. We streamline the billing process by reducing the amount of paper invoicing needed.

With online imaging, you can quickly access your invoices. There's no need to wait for the postal service to deliver your bills as your online imaging will always arrive in a timely fashion. Your processing time will also be reduced as you will no longer need to mail your bill payment. Overall, North American Van Lines' online imaging saves you important time and money which can be used to run your business more efficiently.

Paperless invoicing and billing with North American Van Lines will not only reduce our ecological footprint, but it is also the most productive and efficient option for your company. With the online imaging process, we are streamlining the invoicing and billing for your corporate relocation services. You will save valuable time and energy through our fast online access and reduced processing time, giving your business a brand new convenience when it comes to billing and invoicing.