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Living/Family/Guest Room

From furniture to electronics, your main living area needs a little extra preparation before moving.

Your van line operator will shrink wrap large, upholstered items for relocating.

  • Speak with your moving company beforehand about any leather items
  • Protect table corners with cardboard.

Audio Equipment
Special preparation is needed to move CD players, DVD players and record turntables.

  • When moving your CD and DVD players secure the lasers with the transport screws on the bottom or back of the unit.

Pack speakers in cushioned dish packs.

  • Large or heavy speakers will be padded and placed on the truck.

Some large televisions will need to be crated before moving day. Let your moving company know if you have a big screen or plasma television.

  • Cancel service with your cable company before moving. Return your rented equipment.

Satellite Dish
Contact your satellite-dish distributor for the disconnection and disassembly of this sensitive equipment.

 Compact Discs, Tapes and Records

  • Stand compact discs on edge while moving, never flat, on a layer of crushed paper. Support at both ends with large, hardcover books or several pieces of cardboard cut to fit. Top with another layer of crushed paper. Identify contents on the outside of the moving box and label as "Fragile."
  • If records are not in jackets, wrap individually in tissue paper or plastic wrap to protect from scratches.
  • Cassette tapes should be placed in their cases and wrapped individually in crumpled paper.


  • Place books of the same size together, in small book cartons.
  • Pack them flat or with the spine touching the bottom of the moving carton.
  • Wrap expensive bound volumes

Family photos, videos, slides and negatives should be packed in separate cartons instead of being combined with other household items.

  • Protect framed photos with padding and cushioning, standing them on edge in a carton
  • If possible, carry irreplaceable items with you when you relocate.

Silk or Artificial Flowers
Wrap carefully in plastic wrap, tissue paper or paper towels. Pack in separate moving cartons.

Lamp Bases
After moving the light bulb and lamp harp (the frame that holds the bulb), wrap the base, harp and bulbs separately in newsprint. Place together in a moving carton.

Lamp Shades
Wrap each shade in three or four sheets of tissue paper, a pillow case or a large, light towel.

  • Do not pack other items with shades and label the cartons as "Lamp Shades - Fragile - Top Load Only."
  • Use a sturdy moving carton at least two inches bigger around then the largest shade. Line it with paper, using crushed paper underneath to create a protective layer

Chandeliers and Leaded Glass Shades
It is best to have your mover crate large leaded or other glass lampshades or chandeliers.

Glass Table Tops, Marble Slabs, Large Mirrors, Paintings, Statues & Large Vases
Consult with your moving company about custom-made cartons and crates of these items.

Leave area rugs on the floor for the moving company to handle.

  • may want to have your rugs professional cleaned before moving.
  • Rugs should be loaded last and unloaded first so the furniture can go on top of the rug.

TV Stand/ Stereo Cabinet
Remove glass doors if possible and pack in a mirror moving carton.

A qualified service provider should take care of the preparation for moving a grand or baby grand piano.

  • Upright pianos usually do not need preparation in advance.
  • Plan to have your piano tuned at your new home.

Pool Table
Disassembly and crating of your pool table should be done by a third-party service.

  • Crating is a possibility on slate.
  • You will need to make arrangements at destination to have the pool table uncrated, reassembled and leveled.