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Specialty Packing Supplies

Your new home or office is ready, and your transportation has been arranged. Now, all that’s left to do is pack — simple, right? But as you start reviewing everything you need to move, from dishes and clothes to furniture, appliances, and glassware, packing can quickly become the most daunting part of a corporate or household move. Smaller items are easy enough to fit into neat cardboard boxes, but what do you do with large, oddly shaped, or extra delicate items? It may be time to think “outside the box” as you put together your moving supplies list.

At North American Van Lines, we know a big move needs more than one-size-fits-all solutions. Your moving situation is unique — and so are your belongings. We offer a wide range of affordable specialty moving supplies designed to ensure all of your items reach their destination safely.

Wardrobe Cartons

If you’ve invested in a nice wardrobe, you’ll need to ensure your clothing arrives unscathed. Certain clothing fabrics (as well as curtains or draperies) are not intended to be folded, making standard packing boxes a non-option. In addition, packing these delicate items with dusty or sharp objects can cause unnecessary wear and tear.

North American Van Lines offers wardrobe cartons designed for safely moving hanging clothes. These specialty moving boxes have a metal bar for hanging your clothing in the same way you would in your closet.

Our wardrobe cartons are rated as ECT-44 heavy-duty boxes, a classification that measures compressive strength based on the Edge Crush Test. An ECT rating of 44 means the box can hold up to 100 lbs without risking failure. These wardrobe boxes are available in 20” x 20” x 34” and 24” x 24” x 40” sizes. Keep in mind that stacking these types of cartons is not recommended.

Specialty Boxes

At North American Van Lines, we’re always ready to help with any need. We offer standardized moving boxes in several sizes, including 2.0 cu. ft., 4.0 cu. ft. and 5.0 cu. ft. Our specialty cartons and packing supplies for moving are designed for a variety of oversized or fragile items, from mirrors and picture frames to mattresses, TVs, and more.

Common sizes for mirror and frame cartons are 30” x 40” and 40” x 60,” perfect for large, flat items like pictures, picture frames, mirrors or glass table tops up to a maximum depth of 4 inches. These cartons are also clearly marked as FRAGILE to help ensure careful handling.

We also have specialty supplies for moving fragile kitchen items. Our dish pack boxes will ensure your dishes, glassware, and other delicate items arrive safely at your destination. These cartons contain foam and configurable partitions that keep these belongings secure.

Moving your beloved mattress? Don’t just toss it in the truck! Keep your bedding safe from dust, debris, and potential damage with specialty packaging designed to accommodate up to a king-size mattress. In search of supplies for moving your home office? We offer an assortment of Quick Stack File Boxes with pull-out drawers to keep your data safe and accessible throughout the moving process. 

Custom Crates

For everything else, ask us about our custom-built crates! North American Van Lines will design and assemble wooden crates to accommodate anything our boxes won’t, including chandeliers, antiques, wine collections, and other items that need enhanced protection during the moving process.

Pack and Move with North American Van Lines

Did you know North American Van Lines has been among the leading local, interprovincial, long-distance, and international moving companies since 1933? We attribute our long history of success to ensuring our customers receive the highest-quality care and service in the moving industry.

At northAmerican, we set ourselves apart by offering 24-hour customer service and continually reinvesting in the latest tools, supplies, and equipment to help you enjoy a seamless relocation. Our wide variety of customized and specialty packing supplies reflects our commitment to your satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking for professional movers to hire or planning to handle the move yourself, be sure to check out our expert moving tips and packing guides.