Moving from Quebec to Ontario

No matter where you live in Canada, the natural surroundings are so beautiful you can't help but want to explore. Being Canadian instills a sense of pride in oneself and country. Whether you live on the banks of Prince Edward Island or the shores of British Columbia, your little corner of Canada is a great place to build a business, raise a family, and spend your free time. In recent years, some Canadians have recognized the allure of Ontario with its cosmopolitan social scene and endless business opportunities.

Thousands of young families are on the move to Ontario thanks to its bright prospects. Many new graduates and millennial entrepreneurs from Quebec are flocking to the bright lights of Ontario in droves. For these bright-eyed young people, a cross-country move can be an overwhelming undertaking with unexpected challenges and a multitude of surprising benefits.

Moving from Quebec to Ontario

Benefits of Moving from Quebec to Ontario

Nearly one-third of the population of Canada resides in Ontario, and a lot of the popularity of this province has to do with economics. It's a great place to live because Ontario has a minimum wage of $15 per hour, which is nearly double the federal minimum wage in the United States and 75 cents higher per hour than Quebec.

Ontario is one of the happiest places in Canada to live. Part of the reason people like living in Ontario so much is because they don't have to spend their entire lives toiling away at work to be able to afford to do things in their off time. In fact, the average net household income in Ontario, Canada is $65,000, which is more than sufficient to cover living expenses and allow for some discretionary funds at the end of the month. There are lots of things to do in Ontario, too. In any city, you're just minutes from forests, hiking trails, nightclubs, tours, entertainment venues, and more.

The most expensive city to live in Ontario is Toronto while the least expensive major city is London. If you're considering moving to Ontario because of economic opportunities, know that Ontario's cost of living is higher than some other provinces. However, the high wages make up for the higher prices. Before making the move, be sure that you can afford to put a down payment down on a house or be able to afford rental deposits. Once you have basic living expenses under control, you should be good to go.

Ottawa, Canada's capital, is one of the best places in Ontario to get an education. Ontario has one of the best education systems in the world, and the cost of getting a college degree is also one of the most affordable in the world. If you want to move from Quebec to Ontario but you're worried about being able to find a good job due to a lack of a college degree, move to Ottawa. You can get a world-class education affordably and find a great job with high pay straight out of university. Ottawa is a great place to move if you want to position yourself for strategic upward mobility.

Whether you choose Ottawa, London, or Toronto, you'll find good jobs with good pay, plenty of activities to keep you busy, and opportunities galore. Another benefit of living in Ontario is the healthcare system. Unlike other places in the world, getting healthcare in Ontario won't destroy your finances. The services are effective, paid for by the government, and there are plenty of resources to go around. If you have a career in healthcare, Ontario's cities are in need of nearly all types of healthcare workers. You're guaranteed to find a good healthcare job in Ontario.

Cost of moving from Quebec to Ontario

Quebec has a rather cold and snowy climate thanks to its location in Eastern Canada. Ontario is nestled more towards the center of the country and enjoys less snow but comparable temperatures to Ontario. Moving in the middle of winter obviously isn't ideal, and transplanting your family will be far easier during the warmer months. After all, who wants to transfer heavy furniture while slipping and sliding on the ice? If you absolutely must move in winter, hiring North American Van Lines movers will help you keep your sanity.

The costs of moving are very difficult to tabulate without factoring in a number of details, like the number of belongings you have, how much they weigh, whether they need special handling, who is doing the packing and unpacking, how many kilometers the items are being hauled, weather conditions, the availability of trucks and movers, and more. Any number you see online is a wild guess based on someone else's unique experience at a different place in time. You should get a moving price quote based on factors that are unique to your situation. Get an accurate, fair quote tailored to you by requesting a Quote on Demand.

How to move from Quebec to Ontario

So you've decided moving is the right choice for you and your family. You've got your quote for how much it'll cost to move from Quebec to Ontario. You've got living expenses saved and an emergency fund built up in your account. You've got a job waiting for you in Ontario. Your next home is lined up, and you're ready to start the process of quitting your job and packing up to move. Now it's time to establish a schedule for packing and moving so you can get on track and stay on schedule.

You need to contact your movers and find out when they're available, what they can do for you, and what you need to do for yourself. North American Van Lines has movers available wherever your Ontario home is located. You can contact us to get quotes, and we can help you establish a moving schedule that works for you. You'll need to write down a checklist of what you need to get done and put it down in your calendar. Scheduling your time while you're moving is one of the best ways to avoid problems that can become emergencies later.

Why North American Van Lines

We have a well-established network of movers, moving trucks and vans, and other resources that make moving easier and a lot less stressful. Whether you need help with packing, hauling, unpacking, shipping, etc., we've got you covered. We're experts in cross-country, international, and inter-provincial moves, and we've helped businesses and people alike successfully relocate to every province in Canada.

When you call us for a quote, we'll have a moving specialist come to your home. Your moving specialist will go over what you want to have moved, what needs to stay, and which services you need to make your move successful. North American Van Lines can help you with all aspects of your long-distance move, from packing and transporting to unpacking. Our trained professionals can provide you and your family with expert advice and tips for making the move go smoothly. You'll receive your quote for the least stressful and most helpful moving plan possible.

North American Van Lines is here to make your moving experience enjoyable, so you're starting your new life in Ontario on good footing. To get your quote started with a qualified moving specialist, contact us today.