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Are you heading towards the area of Brooks, Alberta in the near future? Considering North American Van Lines as your moving partner can prove to be a highly effective strategy.

Situated in the prime agricultural region of southeast Alberta, the city of Brooks features a sizable population of nearly 14,000 and has a particularly diverse local economy and demographic makeup. The local history of Brooks holds an emphasis on longstanding patterns of immigration, with a highly diverse modern population deriving from generations of influx from foreign workers, including many that originated from East Asian countries and even a considerable Aboriginal population in the present day. This has effectively earned the city of Brooks the nickname of “The City of 100 Hellos,” due largely in part of this history of cultural influence from a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Historically, the area that is now known as Brooks was first utilized primarily as a hunting grounds for prominent First Nations groups including Crow, Blackfoot and others, with a particular focus on bison hunting. The first of settlement efforts took hold during the 19th century, and the agricultural focus of these settlements gave rise to rapid growth. In terms of geography, Brooks features a considerably grassier environment than what one may expect from Alberta, with widely encompassing prairies spanning much of the land and giving rise to a climate that is largely dry and cool, although citizens can expect to enjoy warmer weather during the summer months.

Is it time for you to make your way towards the pleasant prairies of Brooks, Alberta? Finding a mover that can cover all the bases of your move’s unique needs is never easy, but we sincerely believe that North American will have the resources and features that you need to ensure that your overall experience is a successful one. No need to worry yourself over the possibility of corners being cut along the way, damages being done to your personal belongings, or any other realistic fears that can go hand in hand with choosing a moving company that lacks the over 80 years of experience that you roll out with when opting for a full service move with North American Van Lines.



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