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Situated just due north of Red Deer, the city of Lacombe features a population of roughly 12,000 and is the namesake of Albert Lacombe, the French-Canadian missionary who set out to evangelize Blackfoot and Cree peoples during much of the 19th century. Albert Lacombe went on to effectively establish a peace treaty between the two nations, while also aiding in negotiations for the establishment of Canadian Pacific Railway routes and outposts throughout what was originally inaccessible territory.

The first significant, long term settlements of the Lacombe region did not take hold until near the end of the 19th century. As a prominent stopping house for travelers, Lacombe became a relevant hub on journeys from Calgary to Edmonton, and quickly necessitated the expansion of amenities and additional structures around the house, which would develop into a self-sufficient community in no time.

Modern Lacombe is home to a number of significant presences of industry and research. The Lacombe Research Centre, for example, is a nationally recognized agricultural research facility necessitating the improvement of livestock and crops across the nation. Also noteworthy is the city’s historical architecture, as it has been routinely utilized by filmmakers looking to recreate the visage of an early 20th century environment, due to Lacombe’s historically immersive main street.

Hunting down a moving company that can meet all of your needs in the timeframe that you require can be an exceptional challenge, to say the least. When you opt for North American Van Lines for your Lacombe move, you can be rest assured that you’ll be heading out onto the roads with a team of professionals that knows exactly how to custom craft a plan of action to get you and your things from point A to point B without cutting any corners.

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  • They were all very good on time and delivered the day before the scheduled day. Everything went really well.The salesman was very friendly and attentive to all my questions.
  • I think that the crew at Bailey and Baileys all of them from beginning to end were absolutely outstanding. They are a wonderful group at Bailey and Baileys. I can not say enough about them.
  • The driver and the loading and unloading team was excellent. They were very courteous professional and all of the stuff made it in good shape. The office staff left a bit to be desired. They were not very proactive. I had to proactively call them to get the scale weight and prices for our delivery. The office staff could have been better.
  • Overall I was very happy. They picked up on time moved on time and did not break anything. I was happy.
  • All my dealing were professional courteous and timely I cant say enough good things. We were moving through a snow storm but we got through it unscathed.
  • They were great.The driver who delivered my goods was very polite & courteous.He packed everything nice into the storage unit.They gave me a heads up on when they were coming. They were very polite and courteous.
  • The packing team and the delivery team were both very prompt courteous professional and very respectful.
  • The communication was very thorough throughout the move. The truck showed up a day before we had to anticipated.
  • I was very satisfied with everything. I would definitely recommend them to anyone I know that is moving.
  • The move went well. It was late by a week. They never told me when it was gonna come. Other than that it was great.

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