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If you’re ready to explore new horizons towards the region of Terrace, British Columbia, North American Van Lines can serve as the company to meet all of your moving needs along the way.

Located on the Skeena River, what is now the city of Terrace encapsulates a region that retains more than thousands of years of early history and development leading up to what is now its modern settlement. The community originally served as one of the most longstanding areas in regards to continuous occupation, and has consistently remained one of the most densely populated regions throughout the history of the world. The earliest inhabitants of the area that are now defined as the city of Terrace were that of First Nations indigenous peoples who established settlement in the area largely through efforts of trading, hunting, and fishing. Throughout the area’s thousands of years of occupation, the Skeena River has remained a highly important avenue in the ways of communication and transportation, as well as serving a range of other purposes.

It is also worth noting that, historically, the Skeena River served as home to a range of iconic steam boats during the time of industrialization in the region. Because of this, Terrace annually celebrates this influential aspect of the city’s history with Riverboat Days—a festival that revolves around Skeena River with period-appropriate steam vessels that provide a moving, interactive experience for the city’s citizens.

Terrace has garnered something of a reputation for its range of outdoor recreational opportunities and activities. In addition to conventional pastimes such as hiking and freshwater fishing, residents of the city can also expect to enjoy mountain biking trails, snowmobiling, and even ice skating.

If Terrace happens to be the next horizon you plan on moving to, you can rely on the professionals at North American Van Lines to get you successfully from point A to point Z without too much hassle along the way. If you have any questions you’d like answered before you get started, our professional movers will be happy to help you along your way by providing some key assessments regarding your move, be it over the phone, online, or even in person.

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