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Resting on the south bank of the Restigouche River, Campbellton serves as something of a parallel to Pointe-a-la-Croix, situated on the neighboring river bank of Quebec. These twin cities signify something of a distinction between the two provinces of close proximity, and Campbellton in particular serves a significant population of over 7,000, with a diverse range of industries helping to cultivate the city’s local economy over time. Tourism plays a highly significant role in the city’s economy, particularly in recent decades, although a range of production based industries, including pulp mills and general forestry, play a major role in Campbellton’s consistent flow of income as well.  Additionally, the city serves as something of a service or retail centre for the surrounding area, with much of the population of the surrounding Restigouche County utilizing the amenities of Campbellton to provide solutions for a large number of modern needs.

The early history of the area that now serves as Campbellton was originally home to the Battle of the Restigouche, a highly significant conflict during the Seven Years’ War which consumed much of North America during the 18th century. Despite this, the area underwent rapid development in the way of local business less than a decade after wartime conflicts subsided. Modern Campbellton has subsisted on the framework of these early efforts, and the city continues to enjoy a highly diverse range across its local economy, population makeup and more.

When it comes down to a move toward the area of Campbellton, you will want to opt for a mover that can reliably (and consistently) meet the variety of requirements that come along with a migration into the area of longstanding historical significance. When you choose to go with North American Van Lines, you’ll be going with a moving company that intricately understands the ins and outs of Campbellton, its surrounding area, and beyond. Not sure about any aspects of the move yet? Reach out to one of our professional moving agents as soon as today. They’ll be happy to help you get the ball rolling by providing you with any information that you might need.

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