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Cape Breton is an island portion of the Nova Scotia and Sydney province, featuring a wide range of Nova Scotian cultural and geographical attractions, ranging from the Bras d’Or (Arm of Gold) lake located within the centre of the island, to a rich history dating back to a multitude of native peoples through the advent of an eventual colonization and merger with Nova Scotia leading into the 20th century.

Cape Breton has gained world renown for its traditional and unique fiddle music, originating from Scottish immigration dating back to the Highland Clearances during the 1700s—this cultural migration allowed for a historical form of music to become amalgated with the Nova Scotian way of life, allowing Cape Breton to develop its own fully unique flavor of local music that reflects a range of modern musicians that have gained international fame.

At North American Van Lines, we aim to commit our team to providing a top quality local, long distance or international move that is assembled to meet your requirements—no matter who or what you may be moving –yourself, your family, employees or business, you can find the best Cape Breton movers with a totally customized plan to suit your needs. You can fill out our quick quote form for a free moving estimate as soon as now.

The international relocation will then be handled by long distance movers with offices and representatives in more than 140 countries all over the world. Regardless of whether you’re traveling to or from Cape Breton, our “North American Way” will provide the highest quality move that you can buy, every step of the way.

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