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If you’re hoping to make your way toward the regional centre of the Annapolis Valley, the pros at North American Van Lines can help make your transition a reality!

Located in (and serving as the county seat of) Kings County, the town of Kentville serves an agglomerated population of its surrounding area that comes in at well over 26,000 residents—far from a common quantity for a town to serve, and accounting for a considerable majority of Kings County’s total population. The town’s location is strategically situated upstream from the largest portion of the Cornwallis River, and historically served as an accessible stopping point for sailing ships during the area of the Annapolis Valley’s developmental period. Preceding the English settlement efforts that would go on to spur modern Kentville, the area was first settled by a considerable number of Acadian settlers who implemented a number of agricultural efforts that allowed the Kentville area to become cultivated. Interestingly, the town was known for some time as “Horton’s Corner,” before going on to become the official namesake of the Duke of Kent, a prominent 19th century British royal.

For some time, Kentville had garnered something of a reputation for serving as a rowdy town driven by unabashed celebrations, festivities, horse races and the like, affording it the traditional nickname of the “Devil’s half acre” over the course of a number of years. However, as the town continued to grow and expand throughout the more modern years of the 20th century, it was essentially able to do away with this potentially negative reputation, going on to become more of a widely appealing port town for Nova Scotians with a range of careers and walks of life to settle in.

So, is Kentville the place for you to kick off the next chapter of you and your family’s life? If so, reaching out to one of our professional moving agents can prove to be one of your best bets. Our full service moving packages have the potential to cover any and all of your moving needs, with an unmatched range of resources at your disposal to ensure that you reach your destination with minimal headache along the way.

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  • I had a lot of communication with them and they had a lot of communication with me. It was excellent.
  • Things went very well. They met the timelines they committed to. There was minimal damage. There were a couple of damaged items.
  • It was very professionally done with no issues. It was very well managed. The items were handled with care.
  • The process was very smooth and went well. Nothing got broken. Thats impressive because we moved across the country.
  • The guy that coordinated the delivery time did a good job with that. The driver was really accommodating he was really good.
  • They did really great. The ppl that came to pick up my stuff were really nice but I told them I had a lot of stairs and they sent ppl who were like 60 years old and had health problems.
  • I was very satisfied and the driver was good at loading and unloading. I did not have any problems.
  • My agent was amazing. Moving is stressful and she was there right from the first phone call. I never had to chase her. She always sent me what I needed. She handled everything very well.
  • They were very helpful. We even had a delay on our arrival. They were able to put everything in storage for us and to get a new delivery date worked out for us.
  • The communication was great and the move was easy. The team went very well and smooth. The items were not moved around a lot which was good because of fragile items. It was very good. Only one item was broken and I was able to fix it. I had many fragile items and they were careful.

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