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Located in Pictou County, the town of New Glasgow enjoys a geographically advantageous position on the river bank of the East River of Pictou, somewhat close to the sub-basin harbor of Pictou Harbour. New Glasgow features a population of roughly 10,000, and is situated in one of the larger urban areas of the province—the census agglomeration of the New Glasgow area sits at around 35,000, making it the 77th largest overall in the country. The towns of Stellarton, Trenton, and Westville are located adjacent to the population center of New Glasgow, which is factored into this agglomerated total as well.

The early founding of New Glasgow is one that dates back to the mid-18th century, with a significant influx of Scottish immigrants making their way to the area surrounding the East River around this time. Within roughly a few decades, the area was officially named “New Glasgow,” a callback to Scotland’s Glasgow and an approximation of the developing township’s immigrant roots. Early trading posts eventually gave rise to mining and manufacturing, with the discovery of significant coal deposits giving way to increased activity. Soon after, significant railways and shipbuilding companies began to develop. The established presences of coal mining, ship building, and to an extent the manufacturing of steel, all developed in the years that followed and allowed the city of New Glasgow to become a thriving modern town rife with a diverse economy and a multitude of neighborhoods.

Regardless of the initial reasons behind your move may be, a great number of movers tend to be surprised to learn that there are essentially an unending number of challenges that come with getting yourself and your possessions successfully transported without facing too many unexpected complications. Even the most tenured moving pro will tell you that each move comes with their own fair share of unique challenges that have to be assessed and taken on for the first time, each and every time. Luckily, when you opt for a move with North American Van Lines, you’ll be placing your trust in a moving company that prides themselves on a history of Canadian moving prowess that dates back by over 80 years. We know the ins and outs of New Glasgow, in addition to the rest of Nova Scotia, ensuring that regardless of whether you’re moving to or from the Nova Scotian town, you’ll be doing so with the best in the business backing you and your move up.

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