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Serving as the capital city of the Northwest Territories, Yellowknife is currently the largest overall city across the territories, accounting for a localized population of roughly 20,000 and a great deal of the region’s historical culture and development. Modern Yellowknife maintains this historical role as a major hub for the greater Northwest Territories, and notably features a greater than average range of ethnic diversity and culture. Over five languages are commonly spoken throughout the city, making it a highly exceptional centre for the culture that has accumulated throughout the region over many generations.

Throughout the city’s history, it served as a prominent region for popularized gold mining efforts of the early 20th century. The majority of the modern city’s growth occurred as a result of increased interest in the region due to these trends. Unlike other gold mining settlements from the time, this boom proved highly beneficial in the long term to Yellowknife, spurring the development of a range of commercial presences that thrived, evolving in a short span of time into what would become an economic centre for the region. Other aspects of Yellowknife’s history have included historical stints as a mining town, and even a relatively recent rediscovery of diamonds in the area, spurring renewed interest in localized mining efforts and solidifying the city’s nickname of the “Diamond City” of the Northwest Territories.

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