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While you prepare to move to Iqaluit, you will have many important details to handle. With North American Van Lines, you won't have to worry about getting your belongings packed, loaded and transported to your new place. Our agents connect you with movers who will take care of all that heavy work for you. Instead of giving yourself a strained back from too much heavy lifting, you can sit back and relax while the movers do it for you.

The North American Van Lines difference is with our experienced agents. Each agent is extensively trained in the art of customer care. This helps us to ensure that you get personal service you can depend on for a less stressful move. Our agents can help you find movers for any size of a move. If you need to have your car, motorcycle or truck transported to your new home in Iqaluit, we can find movers who will do that for you.

Iqaluit has been a home of the Inuit people for thousands of years. Its name means "the land of many fishes," and that is still what Iqaluit is known for today. The town itself was settled by Canadian residents in 1942 and attained city status in 2001. The community was named as the territorial capital of Nunavut in 1995, and many of its jobs are related to the administration of the vast region. Iqaluit's location in the Everett Mountains and near an inlet that feeds into Frobisher Bay makes it an ideal place for winter sports. Iqaluit is cold throughout most of the year and is north of the tree line. If you enjoy ice fishing, snowshoeing or skiing, you will have plenty of opportunities in and around Iqaluit. At Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park Reserve, you can try out the hiking trails as they take you past the scenic waterfalls. The park also has a visitor's center with educational exhibits.

Once you get settled, you may wish to explore some of the interesting architecture in Iqaluit. The Igloo Church is a popular place to visit and is functional as an Anglican church. At the Nunavut Territorial Assembly, the building's colorful interior is complemented by hundreds of works of Inuit art. At the Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum, you can see thousands of pieces of Inuit works of art, ranging from sculpture to tapestry.

You can have confidence that your North American Van Lines agent will handle all the smallest details of your move. From giving you an estimate of the moving truck's arrival time to helping you get your heirloom china dishes safely to your new destination, we are here for you. We have 85 years of experience in helping people get their belongings to their new homes. Contact us at North American Van Lines today to speak with one of our agents and get a free estimate for your upcoming move.

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