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North American Van Lines: The Moving Company that doesn’t break a sweat when it comes to moving your stuff into Dryden.

A relocation to Dryden, Ontario, means that you will be busy arranging all the details of your move. Fortunately, you do not have to handle everything on your own. At North American Van Lines, we employ a network of experienced agents who are ready to connect you with dependable movers. The movers can do all of the packing, loading and transporting of your belongings for you. This will help save you energy and time that you can spend on going out to lunch one last time with your friends or getting a few things for your new place.

Our agents will help you find efficient movers who will carefully attend to your belongings. At North American Van Lines, our agents must pass a rigorous training program in order to be qualified to help you with your move. This training process allows you to get effective and friendly service throughout every step of your move. We have more than 85 years of experience with helping people to relocate to new communities. Our agents will put this experience to work for you by connecting you with trustworthy movers.

Dryden is a small town of about 7,700 people in southwestern Ontario. It is situated near the shores of Wabigoon Lake, an area that used to be inhabited by the Ojibwa Nation. John Dryden was the first settler in the area and built the first home there in about 1895. A paper and pulp mill was built in 1910, causing more people to arrive, and the settlement was designated as a town. Iron and gold mining industries also developed and still provide many jobs in the community today. About 15 percent of the residents of Dryden are First Nations people, and this heritage is celebrated with the annual Come Together Festival. This festival takes place in December and features live musical performances from local bands.

The city is also known as the home of "Max the Moose," a mascot located along the Trans-Canada Highway. Each year in summer, the community hosts the Moosefest Festival. This family-friendly event includes children's activities, music and food trucks. If you enjoy the arts, you can participate in some of the activities offered by the Dryden Regional Arts Council. The council operates the Naked North Art Gallery and hosts regular traveling art tours and exhibits.

With our attentive agents at your side, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your belongings will get to your new home on time and safely. We aim to lower your stress level so that you can spend your time attending to the other details of your move, such as setting up your utilities. Our agents are prepared to answer any questions about your move and will assist you in any way possible. Call us at North American Van Lines today to get a free quote for your upcoming move to Dryden.

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