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The historical city of Kenora has undergone a range of ups and downs throughout its expansive local history. Originally known for some time as Rat Portage, modern Kenora rests in a prime location upon the Lake of the Woods, enjoying a nearby proximity to the boundary of Manitoba and a relatively recent municipal amalgamation that has allowed the city to enjoy a range of amenities and resources with a number of neighboring communities. In fact, the modern title of “Kenora” originates from a 20th century amalgamation of Rat Portage and its neighboring towns of Norman and Keewatin. The first two letters of each town combined in respective order to form what is now the name of the modern city, which enjoys an amalgamated population of over 15,000 residents.

Interestingly, the area that comprises modern Kenora was “sighted” exceptionally early by European explorers during the 17th century. Early trading posts that followed shortly after these expeditions allowed exceptionally early settlement across the Rat Portage area to take hold, bolstered over time by rapidly expanding industries of railway enterprises, gold mining, and more. These benchmarks of North American industrial revolution underwent exceptional booms across the Kenora region, in addition to the town serving as a significant point of interest for other historical milestones as well. Kenora even served as a significant smuggler’s route for alcohol producers during the Prohibition era taking place throughout the United States.

If you’ve decided to serve as the next chapter in the historical events of the city of Kenora, you should look toward the aid of professional moving agents who fully understand the ins and outs of what it takes to ensure that your move will be successful in each and every way. Not sure what all you might require before getting started? Reach out to us over the phone or via our online form as soon as today in order to get started with a range of key information that you need to ensure that things kick off as smoothly as you need them to.

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