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As one of the larger cities in central Ontario, Peterborough boasts a population of roughly 80,000 and has earned itself the nickname of Canada’s “Electric City,” due largely to Peterborough’s strong presence of manufacturing and technology throughout its economy—major international players based in Peterborough include General Electric, Siemens and more.

Peterborough houses the majority of the Kawartha Lakes, a popular hotspot for recreation and leisure. The history of Peterborough and its surrounding areas dates back roughly 3,000 years, with early inhabitants giving rise to settlement by Mississaugas and Iroquois people through the 18th century. Development kicked off in the 19th century with the introduction of settlements comprised primarily of Irish immigrants.

Developing settlements through the 19th century gave rise to Peterborough’s eventual incorporation, fostering the growth of a canoe building community and local industry, in addition to a prominent early presence of hydro electrical power, along with companies that would eventually become Quaker Oats and General Electric.

Peterborough enjoys four distinct seasons, somewhat deviant from the Ontarian propensity for year-round cool climate and winter weather conditions. This is due in part to Peterborough’s proximity to Canada’s Greater Golden Horseshoe.

At North American Van Lines, we are always dedicated to providing a superior local, long distance or international move that is fully assembled to suit you and your needs—no matter who or what you are moving –yourself, your family, employees or business, you can find the best Peterborough movers with a fully customized plan to suit you. You can fill out our quick quote form for your free moving estimate today.

An international relocation will be handled by long distance movers with offices and representatives in more than 140 countries all over the world. Regardless of whether you’re coming to or from Peterborough, our “North American Way” will provide the highest quality move possible, every step of your way.

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  • They were so professional. They were cheerful and professional all the way through. They set expectations well. It was a beautiful experience.
  • The estimate was accurate. The quality of the loading and unloading teamthey were very attentive and nice.
  • Right from the get go I had excellent serves. Somebody else handled my file and communicated always in a timely fashion. The told me my driver should be in the area and he would call and he did.
  • It was great. I was nervous trusting a moving company with everything I own but it worked out great.
  • The movers were friendly efficient quick didnt damage anything. They called it out as they bought it in without any damages. Good times with a great experience.
  • They were very courteous and professional they kept a really steady pace getting every thing loaded the weather conditions were terrible that day but
  • Compared with previous moves this was the best that Ive experienced. I was impressed with driver in particular and how he managed the crews on both ends.
  • The service was really good. They did good on the request I made and the line of communication was always open.
  • Everything was so well done and they answered all my questions. The guys that came were very professional took great care of my items and took their time. They were excellent. They were excellent.
  • From day one I got a good vibe the people who came to pick up my stuff were very professional this company for sure was very satisfying.

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