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Comprising one of the largest overall cities across the area of Prince Edward Island, the city of Summerside essentially serves as the authoritative western population centre for the provincial island. Summerside serves a unique role across Prince Edward Island as a major employer in the arena of government services for the Government of Canada, with major area influence deriving from the Summerside Tax Centre. Other major and significant employers across the area, however, include a range of aeronautics and transportation industry corporations that focus on the development, repair and manufacture of aircraft parts. Vector Aerospace Engine Services Atlantic and Honeywell are a few examples of these companies that reside currently in Summerside’s primary business centres.

Beyond the scope of these business, however, Summerside is also known for its substantial influence in the production and operation of green energy efforts, with privately operated wind energy companies contributing substantial wind farm production, ultimately allowing the city of Summerside to derive nearly 25% of their overall power consumption exclusively through wind energy. Other green energy efforts across the town include incentives for the use of electric cars and more. It is also worth noting that the nature of Summerside’s local industries has given rise to a number of education centres that revolve around them. The Aerospace Centre, Motive Power Centre, Marine Training Centre and more all attract incoming visitors in need of hands-on experience for their line of work.

The reasons leading up to your move towards Summerside aren’t necessarily the most important thing in the mix—hitting the road with the right preparative steps to ensure that your future kicks off the right way can often make for the most important factor overall, and you’ll want to roll out with the professionals that can ensure that you’re able to do so without a hitch. When you’re ready to get started, simply reach out to us via phone or online to get the ball rolling.

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