Moving From Montreal to Toronto

Toronto is a haven of opportunities with a lot going for it. As the most populous city in Canada and one of the largest cities in North America, Toronto's 'Queen City' nickname is well earned. Montreal may not be a small feat either, especially when you consider the affordable cost of living, but if you are moving to Toronto, then the upgrade is worth every extra dollar you spend.

Did someone refer to Toronto as The Big Smoke? We don't think it's a big smoke anymore. From being a multicultural giant and an economic hub with world-class amenities and infrastructure, the Ontario capital is a great place to live.

Located 335 miles (541 kilometers) from Montreal, relocating to Queen City can take you 5.5 hours along the Ontario Highway 401. If you are ready to become part of this dynamic metropolis with a rare blend of unique and exciting features, then continue reading for more information.

Moving From Montreal to Toronto

Benefits of Moving From Montreal to Toronto

Other than the fact that you will find the cost of living relatively higher than in Montreal, living in Toronto is a potentially rewarding experience. If you are moving to Toronto for employment, the salaries are typically higher than in The City of Saints, which helps offset the higher costs to some extent.

Reports have named Toronto the fastest growing region in Canada and the U.S. in terms of population. So, why are people moving to Toronto? What do you stand to benefit by making Queen City your new home? Let's look at a few benefits of relocating to Toronto.

  • It's a Multicultural City
  • There are a few places you can relocate to and immediately fit in. True to its motto 'Diversity our Strength', Toronto is the most diverse city globally. Half of its population is non-Canadian by birth, which explains why there are over 140 languages spoken in the city.

    Thanks to this unique trait, Toronto is a place where you have the freedom to be yourself and the privilege to belong.

  • Toronto is Safe
  • Indeed, Toronto has a rare blend of unique features. Despite being populous and culturally diverse, The Economist's Safe Cities Index fourth edition ranked Toronto as the second safest city in the world.

  • Queen City is an Economic Powerhouse
  • Toronto holds amazing opportunities for job seekers and entrepreneurs alike. With top industries flooding the economy–financial services, fashion, technology, food services, arts, design, education, etc.–finding a good job is much easier.

    The city also prides itself as Canada's leading start-up hub, thanks to the various opportunities available for budding entrepreneurs. Whether you plan to start a business or build your career, Toronto is an ideal destination.

  • Toronto is Environmentally Friendly
  • It's rare to mention city life and environmental friendliness in one statement. But Toronto combines both with the availability of clean and quality drinking water and lots of green spaces around the city. No wonder the city leads in environmental security.

    Perhaps, the reason behind this positive quality is because the city experiences all four seasons–snowy winters, wet springs, hot summers, and cool autumns. With lots of green spaces dotting the open capital spaces, you can enjoy relaxing moments right within the city.

  • It has a Plethora of Recreational Opportunities
  • It's populous, busy, and business-centric, but Toronto scores equally high when it comes to recreational opportunities. With sporting activities (skiing, golfing, kayaking) around the year, you can never get bored around the city. If you love cycling, then Toronto has you covered, thanks to the bicycle tracks present around the city.

    And whenever you want to relax with a warm meal or cool drinks with friends, the city boasts of world-class restaurants offering a variety of incredible cuisines from around the world.

  • Toronto is One of the Best 100 Cities in the World
  • A recent Resonance Consultancy report on the world's best cities ranked Toronto as the 18th best city worldwide out of the 100 cities considered in the study.

    Essentially, moving to Toronto grants you an opportunity to enjoy one of the best city life experiences in the world.

    Cost of moving from Montreal to Toronto

    Moving from Montreal to Toronto can cost between 2,000 and 7,000 Canadian dollars. Sometimes the cost may go higher depending on the number and size of possessions you plan to move and the means used.

    If you opt for a full service, including packing and unpacking, you may end up paying more as opposed to renting a truck and doing the packing and unpacking by yourself. There are other factors that might affect the price, depending on your unique circumstances. The best way to find how much the relocation will cost you is by requesting a free quote.

    How to move from Montreal to Toronto

    Moving, especially a long-distance move, can be stressful. Choosing the right option is essential to make the relocation as least stressful as possible. In most cases, you may have at least a few options to choose from – rent a moving container/moving truck, or hire full-service professional movers.

    However, each of the choices has its pros and cons. For instance, a moving container may be more convenient since you pack at your own leisure. But you have to pack yourself, which can be quite a hassle.

    On the other hand, if you opt for a full-service move, you get to enjoy many benefits, such as having the packing and unpacking done for you, including sourcing for moving supplies. However, you have to meet the additional expense of paying for the services, and you also have less control over your move.

    But generally, hiring professional movers takes away much of the relocation stress, and we recommend it. At North American Van Lines, we help minimize your moving challenges as much as possible by helping you craft and execute a custom moving plan that addresses all your moving needs.

    We can help you relocate in the most convenient way possible, facilitating the safe movement of all your belongings to Toronto.

    Why North American Van Lines

    At North American Van Lines, we have a proven track record in moving services, boasting over 80 years of experience. We realize no two moves are the same. Hence, we provide a customized relocation solution that suits clients' specific needs. Our team is trained to prioritize safety and handle all relocations with great attention to detail.

    Our services include:

    • Full-service packing – We handle the entire packing process
    • Fragile-only packing – We pack and move your fragile items with great care
    • Self-pack – We provide packing tips, materials, and moving supplies if you wish to handle the packing by yourself

    Additional resources available:

    • Moving guides
    • Moving and storage options
    • Packing calculators
    • Room by room packing guides
    • Relocation tips
    • Vehicle shipping
    • Shipment tracking

    Let Us Help You Relocate to Toronto Conveniently and Safely

    Whether you opt for the self-pack option or you prefer a full service, our team at North American Van Lines would like to work with you. Generally, self-move means you do all the heavy lifting, including planning the move, renting a truck, arranging for gas, food, tolls, lodging, etc., during the move, and so forth. Engaging in our services can save you stress, time, and effort.

    From planning, packing, moving, and unpacking, we can take care of everything so you can focus on what matters most–settling in Toronto.

    Whenever you are set to make a move, reach us and let us talk. Meanwhile, remember requesting a quote is free, so you don't have to wait until you're ready to know how much the move will cost you. Learn about the cost of our full service now.