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Located on the Trans-Canada Highway, the south-central Saskatchewan city of Moose Jaw features over 32,000 Moose Javians of a wide variety of cultural and ethnic demographics, while featuring prominent attractions in the areas of tourism, retirement villages, local art attractions, and more.

In addition to its world renowned historical murals that uniquely decorate a multitude of exterior walls across buildings in its business district, the city of Moose Jaw also features attractions ranging from authentic geothermal spas to a casino. The area’s history dates back to its use before permanent settlements, where it was initially used as a winter encampment by early era Cree and Assiniboine people.

Various theories exist as to how the historic city gained its name, with early maps from the 1800s interestingly denoting the region as “Moose Jaw Bone Creek”—not only does the Moose Jaw River resemble a Moose’s Jaw, but the Cree word “moose gaw” translates roughly to “warm breezes,” indicating a deeper cultural relevance dating back before permanent settlement.

Locals celebrate the existence of “Mac the Moose,” a 9.8 m (32 foot) moose statue responsible for bringing increased tourism to the city in recent decades—it is believed to be the largest moose statue in the world.

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  • The people were courteous. They were excellent communication wise and they cleaned up their mess they were excellent.
  • The agent that got me interested it came as a recommendation from my neighbor and they said I should use the local company of North American van lines. Chris was very good and he stayed in touch.
  • They were excellent there was just one packer who I assume wasnt following procedure and he put three lamps in a box with a few pieces of paper and all three of the lamps arrived broken.
  • Everything was done professionally and I had no problems. The people was late but it was not their fault.

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