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As one of Saskatchewan’s largest cities, Prince Albert serves as the last major city on the northern border seguing into the Saskatchewan wilderness. The early history of Prince Albert was primarily as a Cree settlement until the 17th century, with the area’s original name being “kistahpinanihk,” which translates roughly to “a great meeting place.”

European settlement came about with the advent of fur traders, trading posts, and Hudson Bay Company settlers who established early farms. A mission established in the mid-19th century incentivized additional settlement in the community, also giving the area its namesake as the mission was named after Albert, Prince Consort and husband of Queen Victoria.

Prince Albert eventually went on to become the capital of the District of Saskatchewan, a preliminary administrative division overseeing the Northwest Territories that would eventually become dissolved by the 20th century province status of Saskatchewan.

Prince Albert features one of the largest Aboriginal population ratios of all Canadian cities, totaling 41.5%. The city’s unique geographical location means that it exists near a great deal of natural resources, contributing significantly to its economy.

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  • The people were courteous. They were excellent communication wise and they cleaned up their mess they were excellent.
  • The agent that got me interested it came as a recommendation from my neighbor and they said I should use the local company of North American van lines. Chris was very good and he stayed in touch.
  • They were excellent there was just one packer who I assume wasnt following procedure and he put three lamps in a box with a few pieces of paper and all three of the lamps arrived broken.
  • Everything was done professionally and I had no problems. The people was late but it was not their fault.

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