What Raises Cross Country Moving Companies Above the Others?

If you’re permanently headed to another province or city, you’ll want to consider hiring a cross country moving company to assist you with everything from packing to transporting your belongings. Not only will it save you a ton of time and energy, but you’ll not have to worry about potential injury – and you won’t have to bug your family and friends for help. When you begin to research cross country moving companies, you’ll see that there are several to choose from. So how do you select the best company for the job? Here are four things that make a cross country moving company stand out above the rest:


  • Range of services. Every company will offer different services, depending on its size. A small local company may only offer loading and transportation services. A national company like North American Van Lines, on the other hand, will offer everything from packing services to car/boat transit, assembly/disassembly, shuttle services, custom crating for artwork, storage and more. Your choice will depend on your needs; however, oftentimes you may not realize which extra services you require until moving day grows nearer.
  • Tools and resources. When you move, you’ll be doing lots of research on the moving process, where to purchase supplies, how to create a moving budget and more. A great cross country moving company will have ready resources – whether online or through an over-the-phone contact – to assist you with extra questions you may have. For example, North American Van Lines provides free movers’ guides, packing tips for each room in your home, a packing calculator and more.
  • Good reviews. Cross country moving companies can brag as much as they want, but what really matters is how their customers feel about them. Search the Internet for moving review sites where customers can detail their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with particular companies. One note to remember: There will always be disgruntled customers and one-off bad experiences. Take the reviews as a whole and decide on a company based on overall satisfaction.
  • Peace of mind. The best companies will work to satisfy their customers and make the moving process as smooth as possible. Look for those that offer shipment tracking, written binding estimates and other things that would make you feel better about using a particular cross country moving company.


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