What Do Long-Distance Moving Companies Do to Differentiate Themselves?

Moving to a new city, province or country brings with it a lot of work, not to mention stress. Even if you’re excited for a new adventures, who relishes the idea of sorting and packing all of your belongings, then loading and transporting them to a new home? That’s why so many people end up hiring a moving company. But let’s be honest – at first glance, most long-distance moving companies look the same. Unless you have a wonderful recommendation from someone you trust, it can be difficult to find the right movers. Still, long-distance moving companies attempt to differentiate themselves in three specific ways:

  • Services. Each company will have different services. Some companies will be smaller and only offer loading and transporting services – however, those companies may excel at those particular services. If that’s all you need, a smaller company may be fine for you. Larger national companies will likely offer a range of services, including car/boat transit, packing/unpacking, storage (both temporary and long-term), shuttle services, assembly/disassembly, custom crating and more. Choose between long-distance moving companies by evaluating what services you need, what they offer and how well they perform these services.
  • Experience. Years in the business should count for something, and unless movers are relatively new, they’ll probably let you know exactly how long they’ve been around. Experience signifies expertise, and it also is a testament to the company’s integrity. Select a company that will do a great job with your belongings, given its level of experience.
  • Reputation. A company is nothing without a great reputation. It does take time to build such a reputation, and unfortunately, that reputation can be lost quickly. Check out the reputation of a variety of long-distance moving companies through online review sites. In addition, check with your local governing authority to ensure any companies you’re considering are registered through the proper channels and don’t have any major complaints against them.

When it comes to choosing movers to assist with your big day, compare them based on the factors they use to differentiate themselves. Through diligent research, you can find the perfect company to suit your needs.