Tips for Moving Cross Country

Moving cross country to a completely new city or province can be intimidating. You’ll be surrounded by new people, in an unfamiliar place, and likely working a new job. The move itself might be worrying you too, especially if you’ve never moved cross country before. Yes, there are certainly a lot of little tasks to accomplish before moving day. However, if you can remember these three tips, moving cross country might not seem quite so overwhelming:

  • Get organized. One reason people get stressed out is the feeling of being out of control, so your first order of business should be to confirm a moving date. Figure out how you plan to travel, and make arrangements – reserve plane tickets if flying, or make hotel reservations along your route if driving. Then, create a to-do list. Research what goes into your move, and write all of it down. Try to break your list up into smaller tasks that you can accomplish each week. Check items off of your list as you go (and be sure to give yourself some extra padding each week in case something unexpected comes up.)
  • Ask for help. It’s always nice to think you can accomplish a large-scale task like moving cross country on your own, but the truth is that most people usually can’t. There’s simply too much to do, and let’s face it – we all lead busy lives! Packing, loading and transporting all of your belongings may be too physically demanding for you, but that’s okay. Family and friends are usually more than willing to help, so invite everyone over for a packing party and your boxes will be filled much faster than you could manage on your own. Of course, you’ll also want to hire a moving company for assistance on moving day.
  • Embrace the adventure.If moving cross country frightens you, admit it – and then move past the fear. Determine to look at the positives, and prepare yourself for the adventure ahead. Get the whole family involved in researching your new town and all it has to offer—if you’re moving somewhere larger, then marvel at all the cool attractions, shops and restaurants your current city doesn’t have! If you’re headed to a smaller location, then make a list of all the great things you’re looking forward to, like less traffic, better relationships, and knowing your neighbors better. Soon, the excitement will catch and your level of dread or anxiety will lessen.

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