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Founded on the north shore of Jessie Lake, the Town of Bonnyville is known for celebrating not only its diverse community and heritage, but also its connection to the surrounding natural world through an abundance of resources and green spaces. The area was initially settled by infamous fur trader Angus Shaw in the late 1700s, but Bonnyville as a town didn’t begin to take shape until the early 1900s when Reverend Father Francis Bonny and other French Catholic missionaries arrived and made the area their home, eventually naming the area after Father Bonny.

One of the more notable parts of Bonnyville is Jessie Lake and the surrounding area, which has become an incredibly popular birdwatching location over the years. A large number of bird species from the Alberta area gather around Jessie Lake throughout the year, and the area is also a popular stop on many bird paths during the migration seasons. Aside from Jessie Lake, Bonnyville also offers six different parks and playgrounds for residents and their families to spend time in along with several campsites available at the other lakes in the area.

Business in Bonnyville is as strong as ever, due in no small part to the business planning and development programs put in place by the town. With ample access to natural resources, Bonnyville’s primary industries include agriculture, oil, and natural gas, with transportation, construction, retail, service, and a growing tourism industry also contributing greatly to the local economy. Because of the town’s location over one of Canada’s largest oil deposits and natural gas fields, Bonnyville has become a major hub for energy distribution both near and far while having the ability to provide for its own domestic needs as well.

With such a large number of opportunities available to residents, it’s no surprise that Bonnyville continues to grow with each passing day. If this wonderful town happens to be the place for you, North American Van Lines can get you and your belongings there both safely and efficiently. There’s no time quite like the present to become a member of this excellent community, so contact us online or by phone today to take the first steps toward calling Bonnyville your new home!

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