North American International Quality

With more than 80 years of experience as an international moving company, you can be sure that North American International has what it takes to make your international move go as smoothly as it possibly can.

Measuring the Quality of your Move. Most van lines know how to talk about quality, but few can measure it. That's why at North American International, we have developed a set of programs and metrics to improve your relocation experience and deliver peace of mind, so we can ensure that every move is of the utmost quality.

Our exclusive quality assurance programs include:
  • Quality Index
    The Quality Index is an internal monitoring system which is designed to provide important feedback from our customers on the various services they received. The Quality Index is based on the customer's perception of their moving experience. An independent research firm randomly surveys customers after their move to learn how we performed, from packing to the final delivery. Every Representative and Driver is assigned a quality rating based on the responses to the survey questions. We use this system to learn what's important to our customers and to continually improve our moving services.
  • Professional Driver Development
    All North American Van Lines Drivers and professional movers go through a comprehensive qualification process and hands-on moving services training program. The training includes safe loading and unloading techniques to ensure a safe relocation of your household items, communication skills and claims prevention skills.
  • Driver Quality Performance Rating
    We will also track our Agents', Drivers' and professional movers' cargo handling performance through our Quality Performance Rating Program. Every North American Van Lines Agent and Driver is assessed a rating, based on their performance in transportation, loading and unloading skills, to ensure superior moving services are provided for all of our valued customers.
  • Representative Safety Officer Program
    Safety is important for every North American International move, on and off the road and while moving overseas. The Representatives Safety Officer Program educates our Agents about formal vehicle inspections, keeps Drivers up-to-date on loading, unloading and driving techniques, and implements safety precautions.
  • Packing and Loading Training
    The specialized nature of international moving requires the packing and loading process be carried out by seasoned, highly-skilled and top-rated packers. To maintain our superior level of professionalism and expertise, all international movers must adhere to the strict packing/unpacking and loading/unloading standards specified in our International Procedures Manual. All international movers receive individual corporate-directed training, complemented by training videos and printed materials. Our standards include specific procedures for an international move and also require the use of packing materials designed for moving overseas. Performance is carefully monitored and evaluated to make sure we meet our high-quality standards.