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Valued Inventory

In order to obtain coverage for your items, you must complete the Valued Inventory Form. You can complete and submit this form online, or print the form and fill it in by hand.

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Instructions: How to Provide Coverage for Your Move

You need to determine the full replacement value of your items at the destination. Provide this information in the Valued Inventory Form, either online or a printed form.

When items are listed together, they will all be considered as equal value. If additional listings or clarifications are necessary, please use the blank spaces on the form.

Remember: You should indicate replacement values in your destination country.

The tables below show examples of how to enter information.

Sofa(s) 1 $1,800 Coat(s) 2 $ 400
Chair(s) 2 $1,350 Suit(s) 4 $1,200
Lamp(s) 3 $ 400 Dresses 6 $ 600

In order to choose coverage for Pairs and Sets and/or Mechanical and Electrical Derangement, you must duplicate the items and coverage value already listed as shown below:

Sofa(s) 1 $1,800 Lamp(s) 3 $ 400
Chair(s) 2 $1,350      
Lamp(s) 3 $ 400      

Example Scenarios

It is important to choose the right kind of coverage, as these examples show.

  1. Pairs and Sets
    A custom gets coverage for a dining room table and six chairs for $1,400.00. If Pairs and Sets Coverage was not chosen and one chair is damaged, the customer will only be compensated for $200.00 even if the chair can't be replaced. However, if the Pairs and Sets coverage is used, the customer will be compensated for the entire cost of the set if one portion is damaged beyond repair.

  2. Electrical/Mechanical Derangement
    A customer obtains coverage for a television for $500.00. If Electrical/Mechanical Derangement coverage is not used and the TV arrives at its destination with no evident external damage but does not work, the customer will not be compensated for damage. If Electrical/Mechanical Derangement coverage is chose, the customer will be compensated for the internal damage to the TV.

Get Full Value Out of the Plan

Every item must be covered. Do not deliberately under-value your possessions. If you do not choose enough coverage for your consignment, the underwriter will apply a co-coverage penalty for any claims. For instance, if you obtain coverage for your total consignment for half of its true replacement value, each and every part of a claim may be reduced by 50%, no matter what value was declared.

What happens in the event of a claim?

You can file a claim from anywhere in the world. Claims may also be filled online via the North American International web site. All claims covered by North American International will be settled promptly and efficiently, following any needed claim inspection survey. All claims will be processed through our central claim department. This is another way in which North American International provides you with peace of mind.

What happens if I don't obtain coverage for my move?

If you do not obtain coverage, and something is lost or damaged, North American International assumes no liability.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about Valued Inventory or Storage Extensions forms, please get in touch with North American International at 1-866-871-2521.

Valued Inventory Form