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Surmising a substantial amount of the overall population of the Peel Regional Municipality, the town of Caledon serves as home to more than 60,000 residents and makes up a third of the important municipal trio commonly regarded as the Peel Region. Much of the urban daily life and commerce going-ons of Caledon revolve around the community of Bolton, which houses over 25,000 of the town’s 60,000 residents, though it is certainly worth noting that the majority of residents throughout the town reside in areas that would conventionally be regarded as rural –daily life in Caledon tends to strike a mostly even balance between the benefits of both rural and urban living. 

Caledon features a historical downtown located in its community of Bolton, which is situated in a riverside valley that has come to be known in modern times as a “rural service centre,” although some residents still refer to the area as its traditional name of Bolton Mills. Nearly 200 years of local history revolved largely around this community centre, culminating in rapid suburban development throughout the late 20th century which promoted a steady stream of new residents who settled down in what is now Bolton, giving rise to a modern Caledon that enjoys a larger, more bustling presence of urbanized industry. Interestingly, modern Caledon enjoys a particularly diverse makeup, and languages as uncommon across Ontario as Italian and Punjabi make up significant percentages of the mother tongues spoken by the citizens of the town. Other cultural anomalies of the town include a number of uniquely local organizations, including the Caledon Ski Club, a passing presence of the nationally famous Kismen Club Christmas Parade, and more than twelve historical trails that include the Bruce Trail, the Humber River trail, and more.

If a move towards the town of Caledon is on the horizon for you and your family, you can safely bank on a move with North American Van Lines as a phenomenally safe bet in terms of locking down all the features and resources you need to ensure that things are squared away from start to finish. Not ready to kick things off just yet? You can always reach out to our professional moving agents over the phone or online for additional info. Simply reach out to us as soon as today!

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  • They were so professional. They were cheerful and professional all the way through. They set expectations well. It was a beautiful experience.
  • The estimate was accurate. The quality of the loading and unloading teamthey were very attentive and nice.
  • Right from the get go I had excellent serves. Somebody else handled my file and communicated always in a timely fashion. The told me my driver should be in the area and he would call and he did.
  • It was great. I was nervous trusting a moving company with everything I own but it worked out great.
  • The movers were friendly efficient quick didnt damage anything. They called it out as they bought it in without any damages. Good times with a great experience.
  • They were very courteous and professional they kept a really steady pace getting every thing loaded the weather conditions were terrible that day but
  • Compared with previous moves this was the best that Ive experienced. I was impressed with driver in particular and how he managed the crews on both ends.
  • The service was really good. They did good on the request I made and the line of communication was always open.
  • Everything was so well done and they answered all my questions. The guys that came were very professional took great care of my items and took their time. They were excellent. They were excellent.
  • From day one I got a good vibe the people who came to pick up my stuff were very professional this company for sure was very satisfying.

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