Moving from Toronto to Vancouver: Benefits, Cost & How To

Are you planning to relocate to Vancouver? You definitely will not miss your old neighborhood. The bustling west coast city has endless long beaches compared to Toronto's limited lake shores. You also get to have the Pacific Ocean in your backyard.

There is a reason Vancouver is a favorite spot for people in British Columbia. It is among the most livable cities in the world. If you want to become a resident, here are a couple of reasons to quicken your resolve to move.

Moving from Toronto to Vancouver

Benefits of moving from Toronto to Vancouver

Although both Toronto and Vancouver are metropolitan cities, they have vast differences. Vancouver has so much to offer beyond beach life.

Beautiful Topography

Vancouver has scenic views because of its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the North Shore mountains. It also boasts of having vast forest land. The physical features give the city breathtaking topography. Nature limits the city's expansion further out. The city compensates for this confinement by building towering skyscrapers. Thus, you get to enjoy the city's skyline decked in natural magnificence.

Aside from the picturesque views, this Canadian city's geography is a source of various outdoor activities. You can enjoy swimming, surfing, or boat riding in the ocean. You can also gear up for hiking or skiing on the snowy North Shore mountains.


Vancouver is the warmest city in Canada. Its proximity to the Pacific gives it this advantage. The city has a moderate oceanic climate. Compared to Toronto's continental climate, you get a win on the weather.

The cold seasons have rain instead of snow. However, you can compensate for the snow by enjoying the mountains, where it is usually snowing at the time. Additionally, the ocean currents make the city's summers tolerable because of the moisture. After the dreary rainy period, you get to enjoy sunny days from April to October.

Competitive Salaries and Living Wage

The average income in Vancouver is CAD 56,603 per year. The living wage is a little over CAD 20. Thus, you can enjoy the work opportunities and pay that comes with it. Additionally, the earning bracket for residents in Vancouver enables them to meet the cost of living in this city.

Life in Vancouver is on the pricey side. Housing is much more expensive compared to other cities, but your competitive salary helps you maneuver around the expense.

Ethnic Diversity

Vancouver boasts of being the most ethnically diverse city in Canada. There is a small percentage of First Nations, and you will notice their culture decked throughout the city. The rest of this city's residents come from different places in the world.

Statistics show about 52% of the city's inhabitants do not use English as their first language. Additionally, 30% of the population has Asian background. The diversity is an outcome of an upsurge in immigration in the last 30 years.

Immigrants have spruced up the city's social, culinary, and art scene. They have also created a unique environment that is all-inclusive.

Vancouver Culture

Vancouver is a metropolitan city with a twist. The city is an urban center surrounded by nature. Although it has tall buildings and a high population density, its people still value nature. Forestry is the city's largest industry because of its breathtaking ancient forest lands. Additionally, Vancouver residents actively participate in outdoor activities, especially in winters and summers.

Vibrant Food Scene

Vancouver has tantalizing cuisines and plenty of restaurants offering fine dining at affordable prices for a compact city. The food has unique ingredient blends and is pleasantly delicious. Enjoy culinary delights from Vancouver's Chinatown, offering the best of Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Chinese meals.

The Canadian city is also big on seafood, fetched right from the Pacific. Locals enjoy sea urchins, salmon, prawns, and so much more. There is a ten-year-old Spot Prawn Festival dedicated to catching prawns.

You can enjoy Japanese hotdogs at JapaDog, Korean barbeque or dim sum, Indian and Asian cuisines. The city has hundreds of food trucks selling delicious street food.


Education quality in Canada is world-class, and Vancouver hosts a couple of the top-rated Canadian learning institutions. Even public schools in this city rank well, most found in affluent neighborhoods. Public schooling is free, even for expatriates.

Cost of moving from Toronto to Vancouver

The distance between Toronto and Vancouver is 4,370.3 km. It takes around 40 hours to cover this distance when traveling at 100km per hour without factoring in traffic and other layover logistics. It is not feasible to transport your possessions over such long distances.

Aside from the long-distance, you also need:

  • A heavyweight vehicle, the standard transportation means for carrying heavy goods over long distances.
  • Fuel to cover over 4000km.
  • The truckload and your belongings need insurance during the move. The policy covers risks associated with long-distance traveling.
  • Packing, loading, and unloading an entire house requires time and strength. You may need to hire extra help because carrying everything alone comes at your muscle's expense.
  • Planning and timing are also your responsibility. Time costs money.

Moving alone is expensive and takes a lot of time. When you finally arrive in Vancouver, you will be too exhausted to enjoy the change.

How to move from Toronto to Vancouver

The easiest way to make this long-distance relocation is by hiring a moving company. Here is how a moving company benefits you.

  • Transportation Means - A moving company has the right heavy-duty vehicle, vessel, or plane to transport heavyweight cargo on long-distance destinations.
  • Carrier Equipment - A moving company has the needed equipment to handle fragile, perishable, or expensive freight. They also have safety containers to minimize accidents.
  • Insurance - A moving company ensures your belongings against risks that come with long-distance cargo transportation.
  • Legal Documentation - Moving companies adhere to regulations regarding long-distance travel. Therefore, there is no need to chase after legal documentation to transport your goods.
  • Workforce - A moving company has skilled personnel who safely pack, haul, load, and offload your cargo. You do not need to break your back because of relocation.
  • Convenience - A moving company maintains professionalism by scheduling processes and adhering to time allocation. There are minimal delays, no procrastination, and proactive planning, making you relocate on time without breaking a sweat.
  • Affordability -It's evident that hiring a moving company is much more affordable than leasing a vehicle, fueling, insuring, and covering legal documentation and fees alone.

At North American Van Lines, we charge fees depending on:

  • Load weight - we estimate mass depending on your house size.
  • Distance - we also factor in the length and time of the journey.
  • Task complexity - the more demanding the labor, the higher the working fee.
  • Type of insurance cover - policy cover levels affect the overall moving cost.
  • Period of relocation - charges increase in peak seasons because workload increases during this time.

The average cost of moving from a two-bedroom house from Toronto to Vancouver is CAD5,000. The fee is pocket-friendly, considering all the logistics involved and the services offered for your convenience.

Why North American Van Lines

We have been in the transportation and shipping industry since 1933. We know the ins and outs of long-distance moving, having almost nine decades of experience.

Our expertise is in household and corporate moving. We transport cargo both nationally and internationally. Our qualified workforce, state-of-the-art equipment, and years of experience in our operations enable us to provide quality services.

We can help you move from Toronto to Vancouver at affordable rates. We provide a free quote to guide you in the deliberation process. Call us today at (800) 228-3091 for more information.