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Resting on a prime location of the Nottawasaga Bay, the southern town of Collingwood comprises a significant portion of the overall population of Ontario’s Simcoe County, with much of Collingwood’s residents existing across the Georgian Bay that the bulk of the town has been constructed around. The early history of what is now Collingwood dates back to an official incorporation which took place roughly 10 years before the date of the Canadian Confederation, rendering it as one of the more historically significant townships across Ontario. Even further back into the town’s history, the area that is now Collingwood was once home to a sprawling number of villages constructed and maintained by the Iroquoian Petun nation. Rapid railway expansion across Ontario during the mid-19th century gave rise to rapid expansion throughout Collingwood which allowed for much quicker migration into the town from far off, both in terms of residential presences across the town and of local business, which was able to boom at a much greater rate due to the newfound ease of access to formerly hard to find materials.

This booming economy maintains a substantive level of local success today, due in part to the continued operation of a number of internationally recognized business centres and longstanding local industries, in addition to a noteworthy emphasis on local recreational hotspots and opportunities, including a tight proximity to the popularized winter sports locale known as Blue Mountain. Skiers, snowboarders, and even hobby hikers enjoy moving to Collingwood due to its ease of recreational opportunities.

It almost goes without saying that there can be any number of reasons why a migration towards Collingwood can make for a good idea for your family. We’re not too worried about the prequel story of your Collingwood journey, but we are excited about helping you get started with the beginnings of your new journey that kick off with a big move! When you’re ready to get the ball rolling with your trek towards the blue mountains of Collingwood, it makes for a smart move (no pun intended) to reach out to North American Van Lines for advice on where to get started. Our longstanding ensemble of professional moving agents offer up expertise originating from our over 80 years of Ontario moving, through the rain, snow, and everything else that nature can throw at you. You can call or reach out online as soon as today to get started!

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  • They were so professional. They were cheerful and professional all the way through. They set expectations well. It was a beautiful experience.
  • The estimate was accurate. The quality of the loading and unloading teamthey were very attentive and nice.
  • Right from the get go I had excellent serves. Somebody else handled my file and communicated always in a timely fashion. The told me my driver should be in the area and he would call and he did.
  • It was great. I was nervous trusting a moving company with everything I own but it worked out great.
  • The movers were friendly efficient quick didnt damage anything. They called it out as they bought it in without any damages. Good times with a great experience.
  • They were very courteous and professional they kept a really steady pace getting every thing loaded the weather conditions were terrible that day but
  • Compared with previous moves this was the best that Ive experienced. I was impressed with driver in particular and how he managed the crews on both ends.
  • The service was really good. They did good on the request I made and the line of communication was always open.
  • Everything was so well done and they answered all my questions. The guys that came were very professional took great care of my items and took their time. They were excellent. They were excellent.
  • From day one I got a good vibe the people who came to pick up my stuff were very professional this company for sure was very satisfying.

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