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When it comes to pinpointing the very best Timmins, Ontario mover available, look to North American for each and every one of your moving standards!

Located across the Mattagami River, Timmins exists as a city in northeastern Ontario, Canada that features a population of roughly 43,000 and a land area that makes it one of the very largest municipalities in Canada, second only to Alberta’s Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

The history of the Timmins region in early times ranges back to roughly 7000 BC, with nomadic tribes of the time maintaining a presence through generations, primarily including the Cree and Ojibwa. In time, European settlers began to arrive throughout the 1800s, capitalizing on the then-popular fur trade to establish profitable outposts across the north, along with highly competitive trading routes that led to the improved overall commerce of the region, bringing forth increased settlement and immigration.

The eventual establishment of a rail system in Timmins ultimately contributed to the long term growth of the camp, leading to its incorporation and development as a city. Modern Timmins serves a prominent role as a distribution and manufacturing centre for much of Northern Ontario.

When you ride with North American Van Lines to transport your move, you can fully rest assured that you’ll be traveling with a company that is sincerely and completely committed to providing you with the highest possible level of overall service that is available along the way—we won’t be cutting any corners when taking on your family’s moving needs.

Whether you’re going to or coming from Timmins, our “North American Way” will provide a move that always meets all moving expectations of yours, every single step of the way.

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