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If you’re looking towards moving into the hidden gem of the Montérégie region, the shore side community of Boucherville has the potential to cover many of your needed bases when searching for an ideal new place to live.

Serving as part of the collective urban span that comprises Longueuil, Boucherville rests across the span of the Saint Lawrence River and is a prime example of one of the many Montreal Metropolitan Communities that surround the core collective of the city.  Originally, the community was founded as a parish midway through the 17th century, with the eventual name of the city coming about as the namesake of Pierre Boucher, an early settler that contributed to a range of different locales across the at the time undeveloped regions of Quebec and beyond. Much of this early history of Boucherville remains influential across the modern city, with many structures from its initial development remaining and others having been rebuilt or reincorporated through spiritual successors.

It is worth noting that the 19th century within Boucherville gave rise to an extremely significant incident throughout the local area wherein an industrial fire swept through much of the city, destroying well over 100 significant structures (including homes, schools, and more) and effectively destroying the majority of what was then a thriving, up and coming village. Reconstruction efforts, however, accounted for a large number of “replacement” structures that essentially reversed the damage over time. The town’s church, for example, retained a number of its original walls and front, and additions needed for its repair were simply built over the existing structure or combined with it. Modern Boucherville essentially came about through this and other efforts to maintain the original foundation of the town, retaining its early history while continuing to develop new attractions and accommodations around its longstanding core.

If the expansively cultural neighboring Montreal city of Boucherville appeals to you in the ways that you are looking for, it can be a good idea to look towards help from the pros at North American Van Lines to ensure that the beginnings of your journey there are accounted for in the ways that truly count. When and if you’re ready to get started, we’ll have professionals standing by, ready to bring home everything that you need and more.

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  • Everything they said was as I expected like the arrival dates and the times they would pick up the boxes.
  • The delivery team was outstanding the only thing Id like to improve was the communication with the sales team and the initial pick up team.
  • I gave those ratings because everything went well and they were right on time. Ive already recommended them to a few people.
  • It was easy. Nothing got broken during the transport. Everything came correctly nothing was broken or lost. The team worked very hard and fast.
  • I was really pleased with the john grey side the driver was very pleasant and nice. It was just the dispatch error and it would have been nice to have a 24 hour notice on the delivery.
  • It was only one person that spoke English and the other people spoke France. It made it hard to communicate with them during the move.
  • The sales guy was amazing. It was done professionally and properly. Every time I use you guys it has been good. It was a good experience.
  • I just found they were very human. As I said the actual mover was fantastic. The communication was fast prompt and met our needs.

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