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Comprising a large part of Québécois culture and history, Chicoutimi-Jonquière (now commonly referred to as the greater Saguenay cityhood) is comprised of three large and unique boroughs—Chicoutimi, Jonquière, and La Baie. The boroughs that make up Chicoutimi-Jonquière each maintain their own culture, in addition to being a former city in Canadian history before being merged into what is now Saguenay in 2002.

First settled in the 17th century, Chicoutimi served as a significant commercial center for Quebec, which developed consistently over hundreds of years—this has played a large role in its history of gradual amalgamations and mergers with neighboring towns and cities. The equally significant (and large) borough of Jonquière features a history dating back to the 19th century, and came about from a history largely comprised of industrial development and advancement.

Chicoutimi-Jonquière features a traditionally cold and snowy climate characteristic of much of Canada, however, it is significantly more temperate than its surrounding regions, earning it the affectionate and popular nickname of the “oasis” of Northern Quebec. Worth noting is that there are currently no human settlements at all to the north of Chicoutimi-Jonquière.

Chicoutimi-Jonquière/Saguenay features a predominately French-speaking population, and features an economy that is largely referred to as currently undergoing a transitional period, due in part to a large focus on ongoing research and development investments.

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