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Serving as one of the prime “off island” communities that make up greater Montreal, Mirabel encapsulates much of Southern Quebec in regards to its culture and recent (20th century) history. In recent years, a merger of many expansively historical towns and communities across the modern Mirabel region have combined to form what is now known as one collective city, serving as home to more than 42,000 residents and accounting for a great deal of persisting and unique communities. It is worth noting that the relatively recent development across the area has accounted for a large majority of this overall population growth, with the majority of the population of Mirabel in the present year coming about through rapidly firing population booms throughout the early beginnings of the 21st century.

While Mirabel as a city remains the officially sanctioned classification for residents of the unique communities throughout the region, it is worth noting that many historical communities from within the city limits are commonly regarded among locals using their distinctive names. A few major communities that thrive from within the city limits of Mirabel include Saint-Hermas, Sainte-Scholastique, and Saint- Benoît. Other significant communities across Mirabel include La Chapelle, Mirabel-en-Haut, Saint-Janvier, and more.

If the expansive variety of options offered up by a new life in Mirabel sound like they might be right up you and your family’s alley, the moving professionals at North American Van Lines will be able to provide you with the needed services you require in order to hit the road with the right approach to ensure that any and all aspects of your move are squared away without coming up short in any regard. Still have any questions? Our professional moving agents are always more than happy to help you out along the way. Make sure that you get things started off on the right foot by simply giving us a call as soon as today.

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  • Everything they said was as I expected like the arrival dates and the times they would pick up the boxes.
  • The delivery team was outstanding the only thing Id like to improve was the communication with the sales team and the initial pick up team.
  • I gave those ratings because everything went well and they were right on time. Ive already recommended them to a few people.
  • It was easy. Nothing got broken during the transport. Everything came correctly nothing was broken or lost. The team worked very hard and fast.
  • I was really pleased with the john grey side the driver was very pleasant and nice. It was just the dispatch error and it would have been nice to have a 24 hour notice on the delivery.
  • It was only one person that spoke English and the other people spoke France. It made it hard to communicate with them during the move.
  • The sales guy was amazing. It was done professionally and properly. Every time I use you guys it has been good. It was a good experience.
  • I just found they were very human. As I said the actual mover was fantastic. The communication was fast prompt and met our needs.

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