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With a city title translating roughly from French into “Seven Islands,” the city of Sept-Îles is also commonly and historically referred to simply as “Uashau,” a word that translates roughly to “bay” by the Innu people. Sept-Îles is comprised of a large number of individual settlements, while many rest across higher latitude areas and derive from early influence from Inuit and Innu settlement. Overall, the population of modern Sept-Îles comes in at around roughly over 25,000, although it is worth noting that Sept-Îles maintains a unique cultural history that originated in the majority from very many early, indigenous settlements. This is apparent when examining and touring the more remote regions of the city’s area. The European settlement of the Sept-Îles region developed much earlier than usual, perhaps due in part to this longstanding track record of settlement, and the first of visitors from Europe arrived during the earlier time of the 16th century—worth noting as a particular case and much earlier than the average time of discovery and settlement marked by the majority of Quebec settlements.

Due largely in part to its longstanding history, the city of Sept-Îles has become home to a great deal of tourism throughout the recent years. Many have even referred to Sept-Îles itself as something of a forefront for the tourism industry across the province of Quebec. Major cruise ships dock at the Sept-Îles area, including the Norwegian Spirit and MS Maasdam, and this has greatly increased additional tourism interest in recent years as well.

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