The Best Moving Companies Won't Hold Back This Information Upfront

One of the most important tasks in the moving process is finding and hiring a reputable moving company. Unfortunately, this is made more difficult by the presence of scammers whose sole purpose is to defraud customers. These movers may scam people any number of ways, including quoting a low-ball price and raising it at the last minute, taking a large deposit and never showing up to do the work, and more. So how can you avoid getting mixed up with fraudulent movers? Ask lots of questions upfront and be aware that the best moving companies won’t hold back the following information:

  • Cost. Every company will have its own cost structure and applicable moving rates, which are dependent on a number of factors. Movers will often charge hourly, a flat-rate fee, or based on weight and distance. A reputable company will tell you exactly or approximately (within 10%) what they’ll charge you for your move, and they may require an in-home estimate to give an accurate quote for a long-distance move. The best moving companies should also be able to tell you whether all fees are accounted for in that quote, or if any hidden fees exist.
  • Licensing info. Depending on the country of operation, moving companies may or may not be required to be licensed and registered by the government. Call your local government to find out the rules in your area. Then, be sure to ask any companies you are interviewing for their licensing information – and double check that information with the licensing body.
  • Local address. If you’ve come across a moving company’s website and cannot find a physical address anywhere, be wary. Call the company and ask for that information. If the company will not give it to you, run the other direction!
  • Company name. A lot of scammers won’t use an official company name, since that can be traced and verified. Instead, they’ll answer the phone with a generic “movers” or “moving company.”
  • Valuation/insurance information. Movers are required to reimburse you for anything they lose or damage during transit of your belongings. The best moving companies have very specific valuation, or insurance, policies in place and will inform you of your options. If you ask and the company will not be straight with you, take it as a warning sign.


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