The Best Full-Service Movers Will Never Try to Pull These 3 Tricks

Moving to a new home can make you vulnerable. Not only are you leaving behind lots of great memories – and the place you call home – but the moving process can be stressful and tedious. That’s why so many people hire full-service movers to assist with the packing, loading, transporting, unloading and other moving-related services. But unfortunately, there are some companies that want to take advantage of your vulnerability. When researching full-service movers, avoid those who do the following:

  • Only offer an over-the-phone estimate for interstate move. Any reputable moving company will know that the best way to estimate how much time your move will take is to physically see your home and belongings. That’s because the movers can see any potential obstacles (like stairs) and figure an approximation of how much your stuff might weigh, based on calculations. If you ask movers to give you an in-home estimate – and they won’t – then beware.
  • Ask for the full payment or a large deposit before the work is completed. It’s very rare in any industry to fully pay for services before a vendor accomplishes anything. A small deposit is common, since that will ensure a moving company you are serious about the moving day you’ve selected. However, run away from any full-service movers that demand more than that.
  • Ask you to sign blank documents. Any lawyer will tell you to never sign a contract before reading it first. The same goes for signing documents that will be “filled in later.” Some disreputable moving companies will try to pull this trick, since it’s true that you might not know all the details before a move is complete (e.g., the weight of your belongings, etc.). Always make sure you know what you’re signing, and get copies of the document right after you place your signature on the dotted line.

It’s sad that we have to watch out for companies wishing to defraud us, but it’s important to remain vigilant when you’re moving to a new home. Do your research on full-service movers and know what tricks to watch for – and you’ll likely have a great moving experience!