Furniture Movers Reveal What to Avoid in Your Next Move

If you’re moving to a new home, chances are you’ve got a lot on your plate. Between working, taking care of the family, packing and making moving arrangements, you’re juggling items on your to-do list – and the list seems to be growing. However, understanding what items are important is the first step toward staying organized. Another step is hiring furniture movers to assist you with your move. Not only will they save you time, but you won’t have to exert the physical energy necessary to move your household. In preparation for the arrival of your furniture movers, here are three things to avoid:

  • Cluttered pathways. Even though you’re hiring people to do the moving for you, it’s your responsibility to ensure a clear path to your stuff. Remember, extra time your movers spend maneuvering around boxes and other belongings adds up, increasing the number of hours the move takes – and potentially increasing your cost. Plus, clear pathways will lead to fewer tripping injuries for you and your furniture movers.
  • Unclear directions. When you hire movers, be specific about what you expect of them. Do you need them to disassemble certain furniture pieces? Will you want those pieces reassembled at your new location? If you’re upfront with your requests in advance, there will be far less confusion on moving day.
  • Not full disclosure. You want your furniture movers to arrive on moving day as fully informed as possible. That means letting them know whether you have any obstacles, like stairs, that will lengthen the time it takes for them to load your belongings. In addition, detail whether you have any delicate or fragile furniture, like a piano, that will take special equipment or extra care when moving. Movers need to know what they’re getting into before they arrive.

If you need assistance during your next move, the furniture movers at North American Van Lines are here to help. With more than 80 years of experience, we are qualified to assist you with other services as well, including packing and unpacking, assembly/disassembly, car/boat transit and more.