Professional Movers Should Always Do These 5 Things

When it comes time to select professional movers to assist you with moving day, you may have a difficult time. After all, there are so many moving companies to choose from! While most of those companies are reputable – and simply vary based on cost, experience and other factors – some are not. Unfortunately, these disreputable companies are out to defraud or take advantage of consumers during a vulnerable time in their lives, as moving tends to be. It’s important to stay vigilant during your search, and remember that professional movers will always do the following five things:

  • Provide an in-home estimate. Professional movers know that the best way to give you a proper quote is to see exactly what you’ll be transporting. They can look for any odd-shaped items or obstacles like stairs that will factor into the time the move might take, or any fees that will need to be tacked on to the overall price.
  • Give you a written estimate. Not only should movers offer to come to your home to provide the best estimate possible, they should also give you the quote in writing. This protects both parties. However, don’t sign anything that is blank – that could be a sign the company is trying to defraud you and will add extra charges later.
  • Offer insurance. Even with the best of professional movers, belongings can be lost or damaged – they’re human, after all. But when that does occur, your company should have insurance – or valuation – policies in place to replace the items. They may have varying levels of insurance, some you purchase and some you don’t. Inquire about a company’s policies before signing any sort of contract.
  • Tell you about extra fees or surcharges. Some companies will not include every charge on the estimate in an effort to make the estimate appear lower. However, professional movers will inform you of any hidden fees if you ask.
  • Show you their registration. Depending on the province or country in which movers operate, they may or may not be required to register with the government. However, there are national associations and other organizations that register reputable companies. Ask movers where they are registered and then check with the organization yourself.

It’s important to know your rights and the signs of reputable professional movers when choosing a company to help you move. North American Van Lines has been helping residents move for more than 80 years, and we’d love for you to be next. Contact us today for a free quote.